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Ignore every other definition, they dont know what a juggalo is, REAL juggalos are one of the most down to earth, possibly the coolest people you have ever met, those other definitions are wannabes who attempt to pass themselves off as juggalos, naming themself juggalos, running around using juggalo grammar, and making a bad name for REAL juggalos, we in the REAL juggalo world have a name for those people, My friends those are Juffalos, fake juggalos running a muck, and basicly destroying what a juggalo truly is in everyone's eyes, no one will give juggalos a chance anymore thanks to Juffalos, A REAL juggalo is A Male who typicaly listens to ICP & various other genres just like any other human being could, just like you, except true juggalos belive friends are like family and hence "Fam", and they grow a strong social bond with other juggalos. and these are the people you never hear of because they go to work every day, they make a living, they dont end up on the evening news for killing people in their misguided ideals of what a juggalo is, A REAL juggalo is just like you, your best friend could be a juggalo, Real juggalos progress in the world as any other person, but sadly Juffalos exist, What is a juffalo? Juffalos are the previous deffinitions for juggalo...juffalos ruined Juggalos.
Juggalo:~Graduated top of his class is manager of a fortune 500 company, or could simply be that neighbor who is always polite, or that jogger who helped when you dropped that bag of groceries~

juffalo:~wannabes single handedly destroying the juggalo community~
by REALJUGGALO May 14, 2012

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