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After searching day in and day out you finally find that one company brave enough to higher you after being unemployed for months.
Time to go shopping; I need a new wardrobe because I got a

"jabizzle" today!

I am happy my free loading roommate got a "jabizzle"!

After finishing college I had no where to go so I moved back in with my parents and can you believe they want me to get a "jabizzle". I am in no mood to work!
by REALIST2307 January 13, 2013
When something happens that is past ridiculous and the only word left to describe a situation, something happening, or has happened!
When a female or male is trying to holler at you for the first time and he or she begins to whisper in your ear sweet nothings and there breath is tart like rotten lemons "Just say that is ridonculous!"
by REALIST2307 December 09, 2012
Describes a person, place, or thing
When your homeboy calls you to say your wife is stepping out on you with another dude but, he cannot tell you who the dude is because nine times out of ten your homeboy is the one entertaining your wife and vice versa
by REALIST2307 April 04, 2011

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