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the city where the Heartbreak hotel is located,
where people sans boyfriends end up on friday nite
My life is geographically positioned in lonely hearts-ville.
I am like wayy lonely hearts-ville rite now, if i don't get some soon, my punani is gonna dry up and fall apart.
by rAiNiEr January 30, 2006
From Heinous, meaning completely wretched, awful, ugly, stupid, lame ect.
Oh My God, this club is totally heinein-ville(full of ugly people).
Her outfit was heinein major.(Very hoochie).
by RAiNiER August 20, 2004
alternate spelling: kryptonize; meaning to inflict limitations on personal power, a personal weakness
see kryptonite
Her verbal assuage of my complexion kryptonised my generally quick and clever wit.
by Rainier October 13, 2006

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