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3 definitions by RABBIDKITTEH

An Acronym meaning Sexual Terms, Actions, And Sounds. Pronounced Staz.
Usually used as a replacement for "That's what she said."
STAAS is used more than that's what she said because it can be used for male situations or just suggestive sounds. See example...
EXAMPLE: Someone scores in a soccer game and shouts, "Oh Yeah! That was FANTASTIC!" You reply, "STAAS! Ha ha!"
by RABBIDKITTEH November 29, 2010
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A word used when someone is feeling an overload of confidence. It also sounds cool to shout it out on the dance floor, magically making a hoard of hot chicks swarm around you. Use it wisely.
"Someone call 911, I think I'm having a SWAG attack!"
by RABBIDKITTEH November 13, 2011
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The only word that rhymes with Orange.
Someone says,"Dude, did you know nothing rhymes with orange?" You reply, "Umm, duh, Gorange does!"
by Rabbidkitteh December 07, 2010
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