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An Acronym meaning Sexual Terms, Actions, And Sounds. Pronounced Staz.
Usually used as a replacement for "That's what she said."
STAAS is used more than that's what she said because it can be used for male situations or just suggestive sounds. See example...
EXAMPLE: Someone scores in a soccer game and shouts, "Oh Yeah! That was FANTASTIC!" You reply, "STAAS! Ha ha!"
by RABBIDKITTEH November 29, 2010
A word used when someone is feeling an overload of confidence. It also sounds cool to shout it out on the dance floor, magically making a hoard of hot chicks swarm around you. Use it wisely.
"Someone call 911, I think I'm having a SWAG attack!"
by RABBIDKITTEH November 13, 2011
The only word that rhymes with Orange.
Someone says,"Dude, did you know nothing rhymes with orange?" You reply, "Umm, duh, Gorange does!"
by Rabbidkitteh December 07, 2010
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