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6 definitions by R()$$

the act of smoking marijuana
yo man im bout to go burn one wanna hit this shit
by R()$$ August 01, 2005
originated from a hamburger or such with the works. usually including lettuce and tomatoes.

1:having everything
2:fully loaded automobile
3:something perfect
4:a great possession
man my car got all the lettuce and tomatoes

ide give up the lettuce and tomatoes for that shit
by R()$$ April 11, 2004
tryign to cut in line by yelling out the name john like you are looking for someone but really you are jsut cutting in line
ima john my way up to the front

damn man those kids just johned the whole line
by R()$$ April 24, 2004
1. when a female has her period on your white sheets

2. when you fuck a virgin and she bleeds on your sheets
that bitch bled on my sheets so i hung it out the window
by R()$$ December 26, 2004
the legal drug SALVIA that makes you lose control of yourself and you become uncapable of controling your actions
yo man i smoke some pawn last night and ended up shavin my head
by R()$$ July 24, 2005
as in 7 digits to a phone number

someones phone number
hey man u got my 7?
hey baby let me get ya 7
by R()$$ May 16, 2004