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One moron said that it is a word used to describe people who are against the Church of England. They spelt it wrong as well-it's *establish* not *astablish*.

Actually, antidisestablishmentarianism is the belief held by those who are against people who are against the unity of the Church of England and the Monarchy.
It is broken down like this:

*Anti*-Against, *Dis*-the removal of
*Establishment*-the Monarchy and Church
*Arian*-person or group,
*Ism*-a belief
by Quiet Robert December 07, 2004
A throwaway expression made when you're not really paying any attention and your thoughts are elsewhere.
John: Hey David, did you do the homework?

David: Izzit?
by Quiet Robert December 10, 2004
A derogatory term for a male homosexual.
My camp history teacher
by Quiet Robert December 12, 2004
A word that can be used as a term for a close friend, sort of like 'homie'
What the fuck's up, chodeseph!
by Quiet Robert December 04, 2004
A stupid/annoying/clumsy person.
You stupid goon! *sigh*
by Quiet Robert February 27, 2005
A suffix that can added to be any word to imply friendliness and a cool relationship between two people.
Hey, what's up chodeseph/broseph/Nickseph/dudeseph/dickseph!
by Quiet Robert March 01, 2005
Chav speak for 'friend'.
'Aight, I fukin battered 'em ma brevrin'
by Quiet Robert December 17, 2004

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