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Corruption of England. A fictional land sometimes used to describe real places of ghetto or dubious origins.
"Bob went and pawned my bike in Nigland."
by Quentin Monopoly June 14, 2007
The act of being screwed over. A situation wherein someone becomes thwarted despite the odds being on their side.
"I had pocket aces, mother fucker called with 2 10, got it on the flop and Cunty McCuntensteined me."
by Quentin Monopoly June 14, 2007
A verb used to describe something becoming messed with, destroyed, or discombobulated in some way. Can be used to describe injurious actions.
"I stubbed my toe and my pinky got majingled."
"Why are my papers all crumpled? Who majingled my shit?"
by Quentin Monopoly June 14, 2007
A corruption of behemoth. Used to describe a person, usually a female, who is either very large, ugly, or exceptionally beastly in appearance or manner.
"Look at that lady screaming like a beastamoth."
by Quentin Monopoly June 14, 2007
From the concept Thunder Thighs, used to describe the excessively jiggly manner of someone's thighs.
"Holy shit, her thighs are thunder thick!"
by Quentin Monopoly June 14, 2007
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