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1. A crossbreed language of Grunge speak, slang, urban street talk, british speak and metaphors, and can also can be used in different languages.

2. A new scene and genre of music of the future of a mix of mostly Crunk and Grunge with Crungik language mixed with rydles and rymes, and rapping and screaming or just about anything with music thats mixed like that.
1. "You is lamstain matey, no more swingin' on the flippity-flop and bound-and hagged you freaky freaky cob nobbler! Yarr, accire yo bloody plats and wack slacks before I nail on yo ass!"

2. " Your too crungik for me to understand what you are saying."
by Quelzvern January 03, 2010
A fetish disorder which is getting an orgasm and/or getting
turned on to glancing at flashing lights and/or bright lights
that cover the appearence and even get caught into something else, with/or shrinking or growing of any kind of mass and/or living things in reality or delusion and is like a
sexual disire and shows and/or makes some people with this disorder to feel dominance and/or dominant. Sometimes when these events are happening, having this disorder may also cause shock to the person who has it.
"Oh yeah, Ash Kethchum is throwing that Pokeball at that new rare Pokemon to catch...I gotta see what it looks like when it's going inside that pokeball, and then I think i'm gonna fladishapate!"
by Quelzvern September 06, 2009
1. A fetish pleasure of watching or even being transformed in reality or delusion.
Also: 2. A fetish pleasure of watching someone or yourself be possesed or being possesed supernatrally or physically.
"Bumblebee is my favorite transformer and I can't wait to see bumblebee transform out of his awesome Camaro car mode so I can transesapate while it's kicking butt!"
by Quelzvern September 12, 2009

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