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Semen produced through engaging in oral sex.
1) Wipe that clinton off your chin.

2) Monica had clinton stains on her dress and had to send it to the cleaners.
by quaoar April 01, 2006
A fanatical advocate for Apple MacIntosh Computers.
1)There are no moderate Mac advocates, only Mac Nazis.
2)The Mac Nazis would love to rid the world of everything related to Microsoft.
by Quaoar July 16, 2006
The day after Mother's Day, dedicated to all motherfuckers everywhere.
I gave my next door neighbor flowers for Motherfucker's Day. I told him "you may not be a woman but you sure are a mother".
by Quaoar May 09, 2006
Political conservatives who hold "Tea Parties" supposedly to protest government spending.
Those teabaggers seem to forget that conservatives like Bush spent taxpayer dollars like drunken sailors over the last few years.
by quaoar April 09, 2009
A rabid supporter of Ned Lamont in the 2006 Connecticut Senate Race.
The Nedophiles have waged a major media campaign to discredit Senator Joe Lieberman.
by Quaoar November 04, 2006
A clueless AOL user who trolls blogs and messageboards.
This used to be a good forum before the sudden influx of AOTrolls.
by Quaoar July 05, 2011
Fascist behavior by monopolistic cable/internet companies.
Attempting to block perceived file-sharing programs is an an example of Comcascism.
by quaoar August 21, 2008
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