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Zomped has basically the same meaning as owned, or pwned.It means to be beaten very very very badly by something or some one, to to beat something or some one very badly, to an embarassing level.
He zomped the competition.
I was completed zomped last night.
by QuakeFit September 07, 2005
Quake is a First Person Shooter, running along side the old and famous Doom, Unreal Tourny, Hexen. Quake is now currently in version 4, and is now a fully competive game with interest from CPL and WCG. Other versions are Q, Q2 (QII), Q3 Arena (QIII).
I zomped him at Quake last night.
She completely nailed him in Quake last night
by QuakeFit February 27, 2006
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