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A sexual reference. It could mean the same as "Want to get it on?", or something to that effect.
Guy: Need some wood, baby?
Girl: Sure!
by Qbert November 02, 2004
A kick ass AC/DC song! Has a good guitar riff, like all of AC/DC's songs.
"TNT" by AC/DC, rocks!
by Qbert September 01, 2003
A legendary rock band. They wrote songs like "My Generation", "Love Rein O'er Me", "The Seeker", "Wont Get Fooled Again", "Baba O' Riley", and a bunch of other songs.
The Who
by Qbert October 10, 2003
General Motors. An auto manufacturer based in Detroit.
GM is the Microsoft of the auto industry.
by Qbert October 17, 2004
A magazine for men. Playboy has excellent nude pictorials and centerfolds.
When I moved in with my girlfriend, she made me get rid of all my Playboy magazines.
by Qbert August 23, 2003
An electronics supply chain that sells low quality products that are usually over priced because they know they have very little competition. The employees at Radio Shack are dumb as a box of hammers and know shit about the products they sell.
Radio Shack should be boycotted!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "I am an employee of Radio Shack and while the comment is somewhat funny, I am not, as quoted "as dumb as a box of hammers." Nor are my fellow employees. (Well, most of them)"
by Qbert September 22, 2003
A famous jean maker. Levi Strauss is the person who invented jeans, and thank God he did!
My favorite Levi's jean is the 505s.
by Qbert September 11, 2003

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