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an emotional unavailable man (can apply to females as well)

How To Spot Emotionally Unavailable Men:

Also useful for spotting the physically and spiritually unavailable men!
He has a girlfriend

He’s married
He’s recently separated
He has a long distance relationship

He’s very reliant on text messages, IM’ing and email for the majority of his contact

They’re ambiguous about the status of the relationship

You’re not sure when you’ll hear from the next, even though you’ve been dating them for a while

You think you’re in a relationship, but it’s closer to a booty call

He says stuff like ‘If only the timing was different, you’d be the perfect girlfriend’;’If only things were different I’d definitely marry you’

When you try to tackle the status of your relationship or any issues, he either tells you what you want to hear and then returns to his normal behaviour or he just skirts the issue. One way or the other, you wind up back at square one.

He lives with his ex

He shares a bed with a woman that he claims is his friend

He admits that he is dating multiple women continuously

He’s not over his ex – openly

He says he’s over his ex but he’s quietly still trying to cope with the end of the relationship

He mentions his ex or things that happened between the two of them often

He’s an overt mother lover – mummy’s boy

He’s a mother hater – has an overtly negative relationship with his mother

He doesn’t call when he’s supposed to. Ever.

He’s one big walking excuse.

You feel empty after you sleep with him.

He creeps out after sleeping with you even though you’ve been together for a while

He has a stringent routine that he just won’t deviate from – sometimes a sign that he has someone else

He won’t take calls either before or after a certain time – often a sign that he’s cheating

He doesn’t come around to your place until late

He is resistant to involving himself in your life

He talks about his problems, his successes, his life – it’s me, me, me all the way

He determines the momentum of the relationship – you meet up when he wants to meet up

He pushes for an ‘open’ relationship

He never refers to you as a girlfriend, partner or any form of significant other

He uses sex as his way of demonstrating his so-called ‘emotion’

There are pockets of time when he seems to just disappear, and then he resurfaces with little or no explanation
It feels like he blows hot and cold

He’s quick out the gate in pursuing you, gets your attention, and then goes into a slow canter

He tells you that he has a lot of issues that he needs to deal with
He actually says ‘I’m not ready for a relationship’ but is still with you

He says he wants to get married, but there is no sign of a ring, no sign of a date and years are going by

He can’t commit to anything, no matter how miniscule – everything that he’s asked, such as whether he can do something with you is a big drama to get him to say yay or nay
He’s got about as much emotion in him as a stone

He may try and sleep with you on the first night

Source: http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/
Girl 1: Tom says he wants me but doesn't want to get serious. I think he's still not over his ex. He flip flops about everything is undecided about where our relationship is going. =(
Girl 2: He's an EUM gurl. Run away before he breaks your heart!
Girl 1: =/
by QTPA February 17, 2009
group of Taylor Hicks supporters from American Idol Season 5
B "Shut up, you drunk!"
by QTPA May 16, 2006
An abbreviation of "It Started with a Kiss", a popular Taiwanese drama based on a Japanese manga.
Person 1: I love ISWAK, it's sooo awesome!
Person 2: WTF is ISWAK?
Person 1: A cute Asian comedy-drama show.
Person 2: Ooooo kay.
by QTPA December 14, 2007
People who pretend/act as if nothing is fit for humans other than death. They have no faith in humanity. To them, everyone is evil and doesn't deserve a chance.

Nihilists - belief in nothing
pseudo - false; fake
Person 1: "I hate people. People suck. Everyone needs to die."
Response to Person 1: "You sound like a pseudo-nihilists..."
Person 1: "Yeah...I do..."

"That guy stepped on my foot! OMG I HATE PEOPLE! DIIIIIE!!!! GRRRRR" - pseudo-nihilists
by QTPA May 02, 2006
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