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Female version of Onix11 (her boyfriend) and VC (her brother)
A: "Look at the fat chick" B: "What a WeirdLain"
by pwnage July 30, 2003
A) A city so damn hardcore that the rich bitches down the road gotta knock it just to even come close to its awesomeness
B) A small town that owns all the bitches in Pickerington and all the little sluts in Dublin
C) A Ghetto AND Hardcore at the same time... Needless to say we own with a P
Damn, Reynoldsburg is so bitchin... I'm glad I'm not in a ho school like Dublin Coffman
by Pwnage April 21, 2005
1) The fat fucker that keeps McDonalds from going bankrupt.
2) A term used to denote that someone is of a large (_very_ large) build
3) A very offencive term
4) Lives life a quarter pounder (with cheese) at a time
5) Goes by the motto "Incest is best"
1) Don't eat so much, you'll become VC
2) I saw a VC today
3) A: "Somebody stole my car" B: "VC probably missed brunch"
by pwnage July 29, 2003
Seta, a guy who will grab his ankles down any alley way you point down because he's a cock fiending bitch.
Grab 'em, Seta.
by Pwnage June 30, 2004
A buck city that owns all the rich bitches like Coffman and Pickerington... but's still boring as hell
Yeah, that city reminded of Reynoldsburg with how they owned
by Pwnage April 21, 2005
A) A Columbus suburb off of I-270 that's racist as Hell, and still gets pwned by black/white schools like Reynoldsburg
B) A school where the girls give you head in the cafeteria and parking lot, so much so that they had to have an assembly on why giving BJ's in the parking lot is bad... in otherwords, it's a rich little whore-house of a town
A) Damn, that school is so Coffman, they still talk head after getting worked over

B) You wanna get your meat wet? Go over to Coffman, they'll set you straight
by Pwnage April 21, 2005
A weird, retarted person. Usually a skinny blonde girl.
See Emily Cook. "Hi, my name is Emily Cook. I'm retarted!"
by Pwnage February 14, 2005

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