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An oversized human tank who goes around insulting people for inappropriate reasons. Weighs about as much as a neutron star, however its density exceeds that of a black hole.
Brother-in-law: VC
Wife: WiredLain
1) Quit being an Onix11, you'll crush the earth!
2) Dude, I saw an Onix11 with a WiredLain yesterday on the bus, and the two of them were hogging a 4-seater each.
by Kerynne July 31, 2003
Good example of someone doing their job and getting gump from people who don't like his methods. Known for kicking people who like to act like assholes. Sometimes bossy, but otherwise wholesome.
Onix11, you shouldn't kick her even if it's right.
by Tichondrius August 22, 2003
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