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A shit-flinging-monkey (simular to a douche pelican) refers to a person who is complaining/ mooching/ or just being an ass hole. Shit in this case is a metaphor for the stupid things this person is complaining or bitching about. "Flinging their shit at everyone".
However you can like a shit-fliging-monkey. I have one as a friend he is very nice and cute like a monkey but every once in a while he flings his shit like a rabid monkey.
"So i talked to him today and he was acting like such a shit-fliging-monkey."
"i dont want to hang out with thoes shit-flinging-monkeys...i'm tired of that shit..."
by PunkAssBitchEm August 07, 2006
Someone who complains and or mooches off all the time or complains constatly and not doing anything sabout it (flinging their shit) or (disposing their douche) "Douche Pelican" because pelicans shit every where and on everyone. It could really be any kind of bird...it just has to be one that shits alot.
"Oh i dont have a job blah blah...boo hoo...i need money...can i have $5"
"No you fucking Douche Pelican!!!!!"
by PunkAssBitchEm August 06, 2006

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