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Someone who claims to be pro-life (anti-abortion) then murders someone connected to abortion. Girl getting the procedure, doctor performing the procedure, bombing an abortion clinic, etc.
Morgan Harrison, a well known anti-abortion advocate, is on trial for murdering doctor Neil Specter; a renowned doctor who runs the local abortion clinic. This is a clear cut case of a pro-life heist.
#abortion #heist #murder #doctor #pro-life #pro-choice
by Punk Rodgers June 08, 2009
Same as a lumpy Jack, except it is when a man is fucking a girl in the anus and shoves his balls into the girl's asshole.
I was fucking Sarah last night and I gave her a lumpy Julia. It was fucked up.
#balls #asshole #pussy #anus #anal
by Punk Rodgers May 19, 2009
A young man who enjoys being molested by parishners, priests, or other religious officials.
Joey spent all night with father Thomas. The kids a fucking Chapel Prince.
#fairy #pediphile #prince #chapel #dickmuncher
by Punk Rodgers May 19, 2009
A former punk rocker who has sold out, given up his punk values, etc.
It broke my heart when I saw Joe in that suit. The poor bastard is a sunk punk alright.
#punk #punk rock #the ramones #the sex pistols #neonazi faggots.
by Punk Rodgers June 08, 2009
When a man who is having anal sex with another man shoves his balls up the other man's asshole.
Terry was going hard with Frank. They did everything; Terry said that he even gave Frank a lumpy Jack.
#gay #sex #anal #fucking #balls
by Punk Rodgers May 19, 2009
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