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"tusnal" is short for "tus nalgas". which means your butt.

Very useful to get rid of stupid people and give an answer that will say: leave me alone and mind your own fucking business.
Jaime: "hey Carlos, whats in the bag?"
Carlos: "Tusnal, want some?"

Nuff said!
by puddlejumper June 24, 2009
A person who has limited real direct personal exchanges during the course of their day so they begin to seek meaning to their lives in unrelated manners (excluding religion). Today these manners can come in the form of print, social media, tv, radio or the internet but as a person's isolation deepens they may seek meaning in random daily occurances such as making note of how many times the number 7 came into his sight and/or hearing on this particular day and what does that all mean. In it's extreme form can be considered a mental problem but usually it is just the quirkiness to spice up a rather dull day.
Johnny is a sokate but I really like him anyway.
by PuddleJumper March 01, 2013

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