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A shirt and tie. Typically the type office workers, high school students and salesmen are confined in during the working hours.
Office Worker A: I'm really working for the weekend here.
Office Worker B: Same, I can't wait to be free of this shie.
by PsychoticApe October 03, 2009
A slang term rarely used in Australian Rules Football for premierships that were won before 1950, by supporters of clubs who were unsuccessful in the era of the grand old game’s early champions such as Dick Reynolds, Jack Dyer and Roy Cazaly. Supporters who use this term are trying to hide the unsuccessful and possibly queer beginnings (Hawthorn Mayblooms) of their own club, by weakly implying older premierships are less worthy because the sport hadn’t reached the massive business status of today’s age.
“Wow Essendon have won 16 premierships!!"

"yeah, well about nine of those were vegemite cups."

“Of course a Hawthorn supporter would say that, founded in 1902 and didn’t win a flag until 1961.”
by PsychoticApe September 30, 2009

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