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A game you do not want to play.
A game where 2 races exists(noobs and pros).
A game full of singaporeans who constantly spams with the word "la", "lar" or "liao".
Don't play Gunbound.
by Psycho June 22, 2004
A class where you see perky people who can't do drills or exercises right or faster that keeps the other people in the back from getting their turn who waits and waits and finally gets to the front and hears, "Okay! Next exercise!".

A class where easygoing people reunites and spend time to do what they call "sports" and does learn nothing.

Shortly called PE, people usually takes Physical Education over the summer to empty one of their electives to take what they want.

In today's life, Physical Education is known as one of the useless class that actually requires people to take it in order to graduate. Isn't it amazing?
There is no example for this word called Physical Education.
by Psycho June 22, 2004
1) An antagonist. One whom often steals golf carts, golf clubs, and random cans of soda.

2) A member of the suck-pod POD-6.

3) A firm beliver that there is no pro-shop in Sealab. Even though there is a shop named "Tee-lab" which has recently moved locations to POD-6.

4) A man named Evans, who is curently on report.

5) A scapegoat.
1) Damn you Eggers!

2) POD-6 is one big party eh? What's your name...

3) Ha! No pro-shop eh! Who knew EGGERS... Murphy knew! HA! POD-6. Total suck POD

4) ..."Evans sir."
"EGGERS! Do you wana be on report. Cause I swear i'll put you on report. Just say another word. Do you wana be on report!?"
"No sir"
"THAT'S IT YOUR ON REPORT! Now what's you name again!?"
"Uhhhhhh Eggers."

5) "Sir I'm going to report you to the telephone comisinor what's your name?"
"Uhhhh... EGGERS!" (Slams phone) "How do you like dem apples ho-bag! And how do you like dem very same apples EGGERS!"
by Psycho March 28, 2005
1 : a member of an American Indian people of southern Arizona and northern Mexico
2 : the Uto-Aztecan language of the Pima people
3 : a type of cotton that produces fiber of exceptional strength and firmness and that was developed in the southwestern U.S. by selection and breeding of Egyptian cottons
4 : to measure in Swahili
5 : nickname for Pankaj Mehta MD
1 : Wow, there are more Pimas here than I thought.

3 : This pima cotton shirt from HUGO BOSS feels great, but it was $140.00.

5 : Hey! Whats up Pima?
by psYcho February 11, 2004
Monster-in-law. See monster... no questions asked.
The monster-in-law called again...
by Psycho August 14, 2003
psycho person who enjoys psychotic company
hidy.. you're psycho to the max!!
by psycho January 12, 2005
same thing as bob on it
teacher: you need to study harder
me: you need to bob on my knob
by Psycho August 10, 2004

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