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In IRC, to prevent a channel, nick, or server from being used. In the case of channels, this could be accomplished by preventing people from joining the channel, or by kickbanning or klining anyone who attempts to join. In the case of nicks, any user who attempts to connect with that nick will be either /killed or klined immediately. A juped server is usually a fake one - it appears in the /map but does not actually exist. *** Banned Temporary K-line 4320 min. - Trying to join juped channel #xxxisraelpass (2007/3/18 21.38)
by Aurochs February 09, 2008
Blinging up anything with a motor because of a large ego.
Sarah: Evan's quad is all 'juped' up.
Chloe: Haha. It makes up for his small package.
Natasha: That Evan kid think's he's the shit.
Evan: I'm the shit.
by Chloe-ee January 10, 2008
Originally an expression commonly used in Lucky Luke comics, it gained new ground in MSN conversations. Its meaning hasn't changed, though:

"A short affirmative answer to a question or remark"

In contrast to the word it later changed in: Juep; the usage of Jupe doesn't have to derive out of lack of interest.
"The Italian icecream from Capri is really good."

"Let's go to the movies."
by sneakyhomunculus April 29, 2004
Noun: A cigarette, especially one that is, or will be smoked ("juped") in a short amount of time.

Friend 1: "I had a jupe earlier this morning."
Friend 2: "That is Kike. I also had a jupe."

Verb: To smoke a cigarette, usually with one or more friends. (Also stated as "jupe time")
Friend 1: "Let's Jupe time!"
Friend 2: "Already juping it."
by Ryan C. Ward March 30, 2006
Shortened from "juicy pipe" which means a hot and easy woman.
Yo, boy, I whapped dat jupe!
by psycho August 20, 2003
One of the many words made up by gilms, but used profoundly by lloyd and gilms, where nobody has a fucking idea what they are talking about.
Gilms: Bobo
Lloyd: Wolfgang puck!
Gilms: Zeeeeeem.
Lloyd: Jupe.

Audience: What the fuck?
by Shamus Mccoolie December 15, 2008
Any female that is talked into sex within 1 hour of initial meeting. Also can be any typical "barfly" who's hand stays closer to cock with each lift of her drink.
Damn, Clutch Cargos is where you can find some fine Jupes.
by King Steve April 09, 2003

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