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another word for canabis based drugs such as skunk and bush. taken from strength variation of the cannabis which is also referred to as grade.
set me some grade later.
by pseudonym November 15, 2004
meaning big, huge, massive, epic
wowee ma, that be one titanic catfish
by pseudonym November 02, 2004
Troublesome quartet in red who rock your bloody socks off!

~*The Arcadian Dream will set you free!*~
the Albion sails on course
by pseudonym March 30, 2005
The greatest movie of all time, they say its an anti-war movie yet it makes you wanna go kill some gooks!
What makes the grass grow?

Blood blood blood!
by pseudonym November 07, 2004
A derogatory term used to describe a person of Jewish faith or descent. Refers to the cremation of Jews during the holocaust.
You fucking yamaka-wearing oven dodger!
by pseudonym March 11, 2005
New York, USA-based protégés of the omnipresent Marley Marl, from Queens.

2 of the most consistant rappers of all time.
The Streets.
by pseudonym April 29, 2004
adj. Consisting of the broad range of personality traits normally associated with Harvard girls.
Jennifer is organized, motivated, and smart. She's really quite radcliffy.
by Pseudonym February 15, 2005

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