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1. Slang for a pathetic hack.
2. Slang shameless hack.
3. One who appears to trumpet his or her lack of originality.

Terms are derived from the characteristics of popular television program The Tonight Show's host, Jay Leno. It refers to him bribing away talent from their original sources instead of cultivating his own (see John Menendez, formerly of The Howard Stern Show, and That Glasses Guy, formerly from The Daily Show With John Stewart) as well as blatantly stealing comedy bits from other comedy shows (see Celebrity Jeopardy skits, originally performed on the program Saturday Night Live).
"Billy overheard the premise for my Science Fair project and he totally Jay Leno-ed me."
by Proud American March 08, 2005
Though they aren't rock, my favorite genre of music, I absolutely love them. They're as great as AC/DC.
They don't need an example of their greatness. It should already be known around the world.
by Proud American April 08, 2004
I can't -BELIEVE- there isn't an entry for this! They're the best band ever! EVER! You know, Summertime Girls, Hurricane, Rescue Me! All of these are songs they sing! *Sigh.* HOW could there not have been an entry for this?!
I love Y&T.
by Proud American April 10, 2004
The most powerful woman in government of the US who is treated like crap by the democrats and liberal because she is rebublican. Were she a black democrat, the democrats and liberals would be going crazy. Because she works for Bush she is hated, made fun of, and spat on by these people.
by Proud American April 10, 2004
Used often by John Kerry.
"So who are these foreign leaders you calim to have supported you?"

by Proud American April 10, 2004

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