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A group on Livejournal who, believing that physical reproduction is the only purpose of humanity (as opposed to "being happy" or "creating art" or anything else,) and believing that, because women carry babies for nine months but men don't, men are inferior at physical reproduction.

The end suggestion of this argument is that men be wiped out as much as possible, because, according to these folks, reproduction is all that matters, and women do it better than men.

As one would expect, there is much hypocrisy in this. The Feminazis often see the importance and value of non-reproductive contributions among themselves (such as music, art, literature, and philosophy,) but deny that such contributions made by men are valuable.

These views are often coupled, oddly enough with a contempt for childbearing, often on the grounds that a woman is as likely to have a male child as a female, and including the belief that the male child will, without a doubt, grow up to harm women in some way, and, being male, is reproductively inferior.

Many people believe the feminazi "movement" to be an attempt at satirizing modern feminism, though there is scant evidence to support this view.

The feminazis are not widely accepted within the mainstream feminist community, which has the generally expressed goal of gender equality, not that extinction of one gender.

While the feminazis often stop short of endorsing the killing of male fetuses, a fondness for negative eugenics is present in many of their writings
"Disconcious is the leader, and by far most vocal member, of the feminazis."

"Feminazis never said they wanted to kill men, but would prefer a world without them."
by Protagonist March 13, 2005

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