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Fish Sticks(noun)
Pronounciation- \ˈfish ˈstiks\

A play-around word coined by "Jimmy" and "Cartman"(Half-Credit for eating potato chips.) from the animated TV series "South Park."
Man A- Do you like Fish Sticks?
Gay Fish- err, of course yo...
Man A- Do you like putting Fish Sticks in your mouth?
Gay Fish- um, guess so...
Man A- Then what are you a gay fish?
Gay Fish- er, wanna buttsecks in the pool?
by Proper English Slangs April 13, 2009
Black Hawk(noun)
Pronounciation- \ˈblak-ˌhauk\

A Historical name pun on "Black Cock"
History Teacher- " and so class, Black Hawk was the Indian Chief of the Sauk Tribe."

Students- "ROFTLOL! He said Black Cock!"
by Proper English Slangs March 21, 2009
Dusty Critter(Adjective)
Pronounciation \ˈdəs-te ˈkri-tər\

A ghetto, filthy, and obnoxious person who does not get their facts straight; a person who had evidently lived under a rock, and is not "new".
Dusty Critter- Yo!1 What is up2 homies? Look! l got a new shirt from GAP and stole a free sample from the 99 Cent Store!

Gangsta- Where you live?

Dusty Critter- The Dump.

Gangsta- You damn Dusty Critter Doodoo Critter.
by Proper English Slangs March 21, 2009
Green Light(verb)

Pronounciation - \ˈgrēn-ˌlīt\

To give a positive signal to do, or say something.
Horny Guy- Hey, l want to have sex with you...

Hot Girl- Um...

Horny Guy- Just give me the Green Light, and l'll get started... *takes off shirt*

Hot Girl- Well, to tell you some facts, *Takes off mask* l'm not a girl... l'm a guy.

Horny Guy- Well, to give you some straight-up facts, l'm not a "Horny Guy"... *Takes off Strap-on Dildo* l'm a Walrusman.
by Proper English Slangs June 26, 2009

Pronounciation /chhoooooaaaaaddddd/

A dick which is wider than it is lengthly. Can also be refered to as : The Easy Button, Fat man's Dick, Little Fireman, The Growing Mushroom, and "The Fat Dick". Most people mistake this word, for "choad" which is the scrotum, beneath the testes. See choad
Gossiper- Hey, did you hear? Eric Cartman has a chode!

South Park watcher- Dude... Everyone ln that show has a chode... l think Terrance and Philip have rectangular chodes...

Gossiper- This is totally worth posting on Perez Hilton's Blog.
by Proper English Slangs June 26, 2009
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