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A proud and noble animal known to roam in the regions of the Canadian frontier. Catlike, it is a subspecies of the mountain lion, but much better at owning humans. Also known as one of the Great Canadian Butchers GCB.
The large Jinxor stalks it's prey with patience while it moves silently through the woods.
by Progress April 27, 2006
Leader of the action quake clan 'Great Canadian Butchers'. He was the protege of MR.Killa and has attained near godlike skills in the game of action quake.
Bla-Sume ain't no cake, he just creamed the entire server!
by Progress March 26, 2008
Work, normally referring to a job that is not a career which you do not really wish to go to.
I have to go to wotj.
by Progress April 27, 2006
1. A useless object that moves when you try to lean on it.

2. A useless person, who through lack of social graces will never shut the fuck up.

3. A useless person who deserves a massive piledriver.

4. A useless person who, thankfully, doesn't wear seatbelts and will most likely die at a young age.

5. The proof that Jesus died in vain.
1. I tried to lean on whipstick

2. Whipstick, shut the fuck up before I piledrive you

3. I piledrived whipstick into a permanent coma, now I use his body as a punching bag.

4. Hey whisptick, put your seatbelt on honey...OH GOD! (crash)
by Progress April 28, 2006

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