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a person exhibiting excessive amounts of laughter, and happiness. One who is often teased for this reason and throws small fits while seeking for attention.
Oh Look! Its a Reshma...
by Priya April 14, 2004
1.OMG!! one the coolest girls on earth. Almost know the whole world.
2. can also me being Happiness or a funny person.
2. Your such a reshma!!
by hcbass AKA Nitro November 03, 2006
An Indian gal with dusky complexion but a hot body. She oozes sex appeal. The mostly have a nice ass and sexy boobs. Always the centre of attraction.
1. Guy: did u look at tht hottie? thts some hawt ass
Guy2: She's such a Reshma!!
by masher89 January 08, 2012
a type of jelly eaten with any type of peanut butter on bread!
look! that reshma tastes good with peanut butter!
by Krupa December 21, 2004
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