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v. To be excited or surprised
by an event.
v. To physically give birth to a litter of kittens.
Troy, you got the new heated condoms? I'm simply having kittens!

Aww, the mother cat is simply having kittens!
by Prima B. Goode July 04, 2004
An internet term for "laughing on the inside". It shows less enthusiasm than "lol" and even col. Loti is properly used when you are only slightly amused.
I couldn't help but loti when I found my brother's magic stick in my grandmother's crumbcake.
by Prima B. Goode June 20, 2005
An informal manner in which to express "farewell" (The formal manner being "toodles and cooters").

n. A rapid succession of gaseous vaginal explosions.
Well it's time for me to change my sanitary napkin, coots!

Man, did you smell Lulu's coots? That bitch is nasty!
by Prima B. Goode July 04, 2004
Internet slang for "laugh my poop out", it can be used figuratively or literally.
You did WHAT to your grandmother?!? lmpo.
by Prima B. Goode July 23, 2004
An internet expression for "chortle out loud". It is used to express less enthusiasm than "lol", but slightly more enthusiasm than loti.
When Samantha lactated right in the middle of brunch, I just had to col.
by Prima B. Goode June 20, 2005
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