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bills, not change but bills
got any cashmoney?
by PrIzM July 24, 2003
pot, dope, reefer, stinky, spook, marijuanna, ganja,
hey, you got any blazables, man?
by PrIzM July 24, 2003
A really ugly muther fucker
"lol did u c that ugly bastard, wut a grimmis"
by PrIzM May 06, 2003
pot, dope, marijuanna, weed, smoke, spook, reefer
lets blaze up a bowl of this, stinky
by PrIzM July 24, 2003
Sum1 who is ugly, a loser, or all in all it just hurts u 2 kno their situation
Ouch! that was hurting
damn, she is hurting
by PrIzM May 12, 2003

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