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a giant shit, a big poop, a humongous dookie, a large BM
"Sorry, I can't talk right now. I gotta go take a monster dump."
by PoshFrosh February 08, 2008
A booty scoop is a dance move usually involving two people in which the performer squats while placing her hands on her thighs and gracefully rubs her butt up the receiver's pelvic region.
After some sweaty dance floor booty scoopin', I was ready to go back to her place for some real action.
by PoshFrosh October 21, 2008
to perform an action in a manner which involves peeing in someone's face while in a crab walk position
During the fight, I decided to ultimately humiliate my opponent Thundercats style, so I peed... in his face!
by PoshFrosh July 10, 2008
used to describe a female hippie who, since she doesn't shave, has three "bushes" (one around the vagina, and one in each armpit)
"My girlfriend is a three bush chick."
by PoshFrosh February 08, 2008
An informal RSVP for an event or party.
"There's a costume party this weekend at my house."

"I'll hit that shit."
by PoshFrosh January 24, 2008

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