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male midshipmen, particularly ones that have difficulty passing the PRT. Also used for promiscuous male midshipmen (men used by all)
mids complain about the girls, but those mubas will do anything that walks.
by porkchop August 11, 2004
a girl that has mastered the "game". not to be confused with slut or whore. Female version of "pimp"
Libby's got mad game, those haters are just jealous cuz she's a pro-ho.
by porkchop August 11, 2004
the stuff that comes out of your ass when you go to the craper.
i have to go take a poop.
by porkchop June 11, 2003
That annoying string of jism hanging off a girls face when she's ready to kiss you after sucking your cock
Yeah she blew me, I couldn't kiss her though man. She had a hanging chad that I couldn't take my eyes off of.
by PORKCHOP September 29, 2004
Blowing your junk in her face then sprinting off the bed, out of the room, through the front door and back to your apartment as fast as humanly possible- backwards.
I can't believe how much ground you covered running backwards during your French Victory.
by Porkchop May 14, 2003

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