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A tattoo douchebag. There are several meanings behind the word tatbag.

1) Some idiot you see walking around constantly with his shirt off so you can see his mediocre, not to mention hideous tattoos. Despite his many small jailhouse tattoos he certainly thinks he's a badass and wants you to think so as well. He'll post a thousand pictures of his many shitty tattoos to his facebook page and every week or so he'll feel obligated to tell his whole news feed that he's "Going to get tatted" just so you all know how cool he is.

2) A tattoo "artist" who works out of his house who can tattoo tribal designs but not much else, but he will tell you straight up that his work is badass, "ask anyone". He will then proceed to diss REAL tattoo artists because deep down he's jealous and knows that their work is much much better.

3) Someone new to the tattoo/body modification industry, usually the counter help or a new apprentice who works at a shop for 3 days and think that they know everything there is to know about tattoos/peircings/ect. If they are an apprentice they will usually invest in rediculously expensive supplies just because a big name tattoo artist on a TV show uses the same ones. They idolize and copy everything their favorite artist does instead of being original.
No I stopped talking to him, he's turned into a real tatbag. He's all acting like a real serious artist or something, the tattoo Jesus, but he considers Kat-Von-D to be a tattoo "Legend", and can't name more than 3 artists without having to google it.
by Popsickles March 10, 2011
Girls who go out weekly with a bunch of their friends and get "carpe diem" and butterfly tattoos and such. The tattoos are usually small and none of the work is anything really fantastic, just really simple basic tattoos, but they post the pics on facebook STAT as soon as the tattoo is finished, then they'll post it again and again until they're satisfied that enough people have seen it. They will also be sure to take photos while they're in the process of being tattood so that all you other "bitches" know that they "go hard" and that they didn't even flinch during. Supposedly the ribs are one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo, and believe me these girls have heard the rumors, because they'll go out and get something completely random on their ribs just to say they have a rib tattoo, and they'll like, totally expect you to be impressed. They'll get almost but ass-nekkid and pose with their other Tattho friends to show off their "hardcore ink", as if they have ALOT of elegant work, but really it's usually just a star, a heart, and some cherries. They talk about their tattoos constantly and even begin giving tattoo advice to their tattho/tatbag friends, as if they actually know something about tattoos. But hey, anyone who knows who Ed Hardy is must be legit, right? =]
oh.....stars on her hips. How original....I wish I could be that badass...what a tattho.
by Popsickles March 10, 2011

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