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a pretty women that has chocolate colored skin,but is very pretty(out of sarcasm)
Man:Damn,Baby u fine to be a choclate chick

Woman:Thank You
by Pop$tar August 17, 2008
a dude that lets his homies control how he acts around his girlfreind
Homie #1:say whoadi,why you always lettin Corey nem control how u act around Lisa,why u ain't just go to her like she asked u too,quit bein a bitch,had it been me,i'da been over there tappin that ass.

Homeboy response:cuz i ain't pussy whipped

Homey #1 response:I ain't sayin that i'm sayin,u could still be faithful,and still not take no shit
thatz sumpum you do when u a Quakk ass nigga
by Pop$tar August 17, 2008
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