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when Jeff Maine sits on the toilet and bloody diarrhea pours out of his ass
I don't feel so good, I just had number five. -Jeff Maine
by poopy February 20, 2005
The best TV progam show thingy ever.
Yay! adultswim is on!!! Let's watch it.
by Poopy August 27, 2004
The smell of Robin's sweaty body after eating dairy products and playing with young asian boys
Look at that sweaty pee and cheese smelling guy playing with that asian boy. It is not a sweaty Lucyk...It is Robin.

P.S. Tina is a Patata
by poopy March 22, 2005
The "No Shit Sherlock" Award. Given to people who state something so incredibly obvious, it pisses you off.
"Man, Rosie O'Donnel is fat."
"Congratulations, you win the NSS Award."
by poopy January 01, 2004
the sound a large turd makes when hitting the toilet bowl water
I knew my brother was pooping because I heard the kaploosh of his feces hitting the water.
by poopy October 05, 2004
i gots mad shizzle up in this tizzle.we are gunna tizzle this shizzle up son. shizzle this my nizzle and see what shizzle u can b.
meaning we got mad pot and we are gunna smoke it and get all bombed out.
by poopy December 17, 2003
a serious disease in which a person gets krusty knuckles and starts to grow extreme amounts of hair generally occuring in white males
matt has kuhnelitis
by poopy May 27, 2003

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