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Slang term for the North Carolina Tar Heels
Last week the Tar Holes lost 79-0.
by PooperScooper September 24, 2003
Slang for the Florida State Seminoles.
The Criminoles had another player suspended for stealing beef jerky from K-Mart.
by PooperScooper September 24, 2003
Usually a female, while laying on her back with her arms and legs drawn up like the limbs on a baked chicken.
After doing it doggie style, my girlfriend turned over on her back into the baked chicken.
by PooperScooper September 24, 2003
Slang term for the Maryland Terripans.
The Twerps got smashed by Northen Illinois this year.
by PooperScooper September 24, 2003
Extremely sexy and cool person.
I wish I was cool like Pooperscooper!
by Pooperscooper August 14, 2003
Ass that is dipping in a frying machine.
I ate some refried ass.
by POOPERSCOOPER August 14, 2003
Team that only loses to MD, HELLS YEAH GO TERPS
Feb. 12, 2005 MD:99 Duke:92
by POOPERSCOOPER February 13, 2005

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