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4 definitions by Poodleusier

The molecular particles in a fart that give it the bouquet. Combination of fart+particle = farticle.
Jeff spent the afternoon woolgathering and planting farticles in his chair. When he arose from his chair, the stench was overwhelming.
by Poodleusier June 29, 2004
77 25
One night stand. Bastardization of the hockey term for a slap shot taken when a puck is being passed and is not stopped before it is shot. Other handy hockey term five hole
Jeff went five hole with a one timer. (Jeff scored dude.)
by Poodleusier March 22, 2004
17 5
A pussy shaved bald. See also hardwood floors
Jeff could wait to go five hole with the one timer when he found out she had pergo
by Poodleusier March 23, 2004
7 6
The bruises you get on your face when you go down on a woman and give her such a powerful orgasm she squeezes your face with her inner thighs like it's in a vice. The bruises you get are thigh bruises.
Jeff ate at the Y so well, he got thigh bruises.
by Poodleusier June 24, 2004
16 22