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When a girl's vagina tastes a little funny. Sometimes the "mutton-esque" flavour comes on as the result of middle age.

When you eat out the snatch of an 18-year old girl, it tastes quite a bit like lamb chops.

But when you eat out some dirty old cougar, it tastes kinda wonky. A mutton cunt!

by Pollup January 09, 2008
When a guy forgets to clean his wiener for a few days and it gets a little ripe.
Hey Charlene! That guy you hooked me up with last night - um, yeah...I went to give him a blow job and he had the really raunchy funky pickle"
by Pollup November 24, 2007
All systems of gang governance are now controlled by old white men who reside in sinister-looking high-rises that overlook cities.

No matter how powerful a gang, the leader ALWAYS has to answer to an old white guy in a tower. The old white guy is the Prime Mover of the entire urban gang warfare in any given city. He always has an intimidating entourage of other giant white guys who are trained to ignore emasculating insults that come from black gang leaders who report once a month.

If the old white man needs an assassination performed, his entourage will gladly take on the task and have a preconceived "catch phrase" to mutter when they kill.

Even though there are powerful street warlords, all of them are aware of where the money-making machinery is being driven - it is always in those dark, sinister towers in which the old white men reside.
Did you pay your dues to the Prime Mover?

Yeah, that motherfucker is some scary shit. But I insulted his goons. I'm tough.
by pollup December 29, 2007
Not quite the same as wigger-speak, Suburb Ebonics is a form of language used by middle class white kids who secretly wish that they were black but won't admit it to anyone.

Commonly, the white males get together on the weekend and binge drink (often a college activity) and mystically start "talking like black people" after they've had 10 drinks. Of course, the style of speech in no way reflects the way that black people actually talk, but at least they're trying.

The hilarious thing about these homos is that they would never in a million years talk that way around another black dude. It's like a strange style of speech that is preserved entirely for the whitey club. It makes them feel like they have a cause in life - like they were oppressed and have to be gangstas to rebel against the man. Unfortunately for them, their Dads bought them their cars and the worst thing that ever happened to them is getting busted smoking crappy weed in the basement.

The tragic thing about these pathetic white kids is that they are secretly cowards who run away from fights, can't hold their liquor, are literally frightened by black people and the worst thing they've ever done is break a window. Suburb Ebonics is like a cover for "HUGE GIANT PUSSY."

The Tragic End of Suburb Ebonics at Lonnie's House:

Lonnie: sup Beaker? Man, I fucked that guy up in that fight last night. Muthuh fuckuh. He was all like "whaaaa, I'm a loser." Then I smacked that bitch UP!

Beaker: Yeah L-dog. S'right. You messed that muthuh fucuh UP right on him an shit. That's some fucking wick-ass shit.

Lonnie: A'ight

Beaker: Ok, dude...I can't do this anymore. We didn't get in a fight. We sat here and talked like retards for three hours last night. I gotta go. My Dad said not to stay out too late. We've been doing the same thing every weekend for 6 years!

Lonnie: But...but...dude? What's wrong here?

Beaker: Nothing. I have to go. Sorry dude. This is just way too gay. See ya.
by Pollup January 17, 2008
A sexual position popularized by Thai prostitutes in the 1980s. It requires the ability to contort the body into a pretzel-like shape and reach down to massage the scrotum during intercourse.

The position gives an observer the impression of a "blooming orchid" when it is executed properly.
Holy shit, that girl can do the Thai Orchid.
by Pollup November 24, 2007
When Chewbacca roars at your nuts and they shrivel up into cowardly little hairy Ewok puffs.
Man, I was battling the Empire and accidentally shot Chewie in the ankle with my laser gun. He grabbed me and threw me across the room. Then he roared at my nuts and they shriveled up into little puff balls.

They were Ewok balls.
by Pollup January 07, 2008
A member of an opposing gang that has killed one of your homies in the past. Although your first instinct is to exact revenge on that motherfucker, you are aware that it may ignite another gang war. Gang wars, although hilarious and fun, are not desired by the warlords in the ghetto because they attract attention to the underworld from Whitey and/or "The Man." Quite often, you are a Chan Tigah to someone else because you gunned down his cousin at the taco stand. The huge number of Chan Tigahs in the Ghetto is what sociologists refer to as "Street Brinkmanship," meaning, since everyone has Chan Tigah status, no one can kill anyone for fear of starting a huge gang war.

A Chan Tigah is a politically complex term for an enemy that you want to kill but can't.
I wanted to kill that motherfucker chan tigah last night in the back alley, but "Five Tooth Tre Dog" told me to wait until the heat was off.
by pollup December 29, 2007

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