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Applying different sets of rules to the same principals especially when they are both equally as bad
1- The word "fuck" is edited out from the daily newspaper, however the word "shit" and stories of a sexual nature are published without censorship and question even though all of these principals are taboo.

2 - The police can mace an aggressive criminal and get a "well done" yet a member of the public who even uses spray deoderant to fight off an attacker is placed under arrest even though the law permits people to use "such forces as they deem necessary" to defend oneself/home/property. THIS IS CONSIDERED AN ACT OF HIGH TREASON BY WAY OF THE GOVERNMENT LEVYING WAR UPON THERE OWN PEOPLE.

3 - Marijuana, a relatively harmless herb is outlawed yet tobacco which is highly addictive and kills 10x more people than road accidents a year is, why? BECAUSE BIG NAME TOBACCO PAY THE GOVERNMENT TO KEEP POT ILLEGAL FOR FEAR IT WILL RUIN THEIR PRECIOUS TOBACCO CROP

all of these are a double standard
by Pol Pothead March 12, 2012
A person who is insane, nuts, loopy
Brian Tamaki is a fruitcake
by Pol Pothead December 30, 2011
1 - A person who has sex with or masturbates to muppets
2 - See Arsehole, cuntbag, dickhead, dickshit, motherfucker, cunt, homo, idiot, jerk, pig, fucktard, arseclown etc..
John Key is a muppet Fucker
by Pol Pothead February 25, 2012
Porirua, Wellington New Zealand
in P'Town, u have da K'mart, North City Plaza, the Piglet Farm (Police acadamy) and about a million bloody state houses in Waitangirua and cannons creek with six million bloody coconuts in them
by Pol Pothead February 10, 2012
A Word of New Zealand origin and slang to indicate extreme intoxication after overindulgance in alcohol
Jerrys downed 15 export golds and 2 JDs and coke and is now pissed as a chook.
by Pol Pothead March 31, 2012
A Person who lacks basic sense and logic, he cannot think laterally and is easily fooled thus a Simpleton or Idiot
John Key is a Clown
by Pol Pothead February 25, 2012
A Person who does nothing but complain about everything and anything around them. They are usu. male and over the age of 55, they tend to have short tempers and rarely if ever smile
Peter is a frequent grumbler, He hates anything that isnt him.
by Pol Pothead August 17, 2012
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