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A sagging, open orifice on a person's body. Typically refers to a dumbfounded open mouth but can also refer to a gaping vagina or anus.
When I pulled out of her ass, I couldn't stop myself from pissing in her hilarious looking gapehole. She looked at me in shock and I filled her face gapehole with my excrement so as to stifle her attempt at a retort.
by Pogchoo September 07, 2004
In regards to an email attachment or web link: Is it safe to open at your place of employment?
"Yo Bill - I just sent you a link of strippers fingering each other. Totally not worksafe."
by Pogchoo September 12, 2003
A flaccid mancob, typically in motion.
Yo! Watch your flapcob! You almost took my wife's eye out!
by Pogchoo September 18, 2003
A young woman who has shaved between her legs. Must also be attractive.
Let's go out tonight and fist some shavies, then pump them full of our rodgravy.
by Pogchoo September 07, 2004
Thick streams of semen shot from a man's pipe.
I unleashed a pint of my rodgravy on her ridiculous face. We laughed about it afterwards, then I spunked her in the gapehole again to quiet her.
by Pogchoo September 07, 2004
The process of flipping and flapping your flapcob around.
Flaproddery is a crime, but I'm not doing time, so snap your sack and smack your crack 'cause I just ate a lime!
by Pogchoo September 07, 2004
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