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swoggle - mix of suck, swallow and gargle. used to represent violent dick sucking, while slobbering all over ones self, and the person being sucked off.

came into existence in UK, 2006, when my mate tried to say "'Person' swallows dick!" but choked on beer, which came back up onto himself, and produced 'swoggle'

is often used by me and mates at work, to take the piss. visual aids are used with it, most common being the action Boss Nas uses in StarWars Ep1, where he shakes his head voilently at Jar Jar Binks and his fat double chin produces waves of fat to move with his mouth
God, Anthony is a cocksmoker, i bet he swoggles chris all night long

How about a swoggle?
You got swoggled last nite didnt ya?
by PoTTer_Uk July 25, 2006
a word used to describe images of boobs found via google.com image search!

created whilst a friend talking about how he was in desperate need of some pleasureable images in order to achieve full masturbatory satisfaction!!!
damn i cud sure look at som googleboobs right now !!

mmmm i saw a nice set of googleboobs last nite!!

those are some big googleboobs woman !!!!
by PoTTeR_Uk August 03, 2006
its what said when trying to say 'space' while having a mouthful of pizza (spicy chicken, onions, peppers). like space, spoce has many interesting qualities, most noticable is the stors and plonets.
'yea what about them ppl in spoce, theyd never get saved'
'yea, spoce, whats wrong with that,... racist?'
by PoTTeR_Uk August 22, 2006

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