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a word used to describe images of boobs found via image search!

created whilst a friend talking about how he was in desperate need of some pleasureable images in order to achieve full masturbatory satisfaction!!!
damn i cud sure look at som googleboobs right now !!

mmmm i saw a nice set of googleboobs last nite!!

those are some big googleboobs woman !!!!
by PoTTeR_Uk August 03, 2006
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Also known as GB, google boobs are mild pornographic images acquired by turning safe-search off and typing in a simple word into google images such as "tits" or "boobs" or "lesbians". Often used by late elementary or middle schoolers.
Mother: Jimmy, what are you doing?

Jimmy: Uhh... um... homework?

Mother: Oh my god, are you looking at google boobs again?

Jimmy: I was just curious!
by bHall96 June 02, 2009

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