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A message board term for where you are owning someone so retarded they thing that every post they make is comedic gold and that they in fact are the victor.
"wow ur stoopid!"

"Oh my god, I just got Chinowned"
by Postal February 16, 2005
Also known as Netbinting v. derived from British slang "Bint". Used to define the act of meeting people off the internet purely for sexual purposes, often used with those whom come into public forums and are rather blatant, eg: "Hi Sexy!, A/S/L" or simply "NICE SHOES, WANNA FUCK?" etc. While not the rule of thumb, it is generally assumed that people who participate in the act of 'binting' are not quite intelligent or good looking. Also see "Torii (tor'ee)"

Term first used by Troyboy1, made popular by Dohmar, personified by Rachel and Torii.
Inspiration courtesy Squirtie.
<PoStAl> hey stiggy, how's the binting?
<Stiggy> Going well.
<PoStAl> You're such a bint.
by PoStAl November 16, 2003
1.Loud, obnoxious co-worker who snaps her fingers on the way to the bathroom, the fax machine, the photocopier, the lunchroom, the boardroom, etc.
2.Co-worker who's head you would love to snap right off.
1. Snappy is making me MENTAL today!!!
by Postal February 26, 2004
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