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Used by mainly by Formula 1 teams, the internal code translates as an 'order to maintain position'. It is a rule that cannot be broken, and allows the racers to save their cars by driving more relaxed in the knowledge that they will not be attacked. It was used by both Red Bull and Mercedes teams during the Malyasian Grand Prix in 2013. While the rule was obeyed by Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg of Mercedes, Sebastian Vettel disobeyed it to overtake then race leader Mark Webber, both of Red Bull.
Webber: Multi 21, Seb, multi 21.
by PiscisCruor June 08, 2013
A phrase coined by comedian Cal Wilson, eye diabetes is what you get or feel after seeing something unbelievably cute or sweet.
*sees a picture of baby otters*
Cal: Arghhhhh. Now I have eye diabetes!
by PiscisCruor June 08, 2013
A group of three people who are astoundingly hot individualy and add to the other two members of the trifecta of hotness' hotness just by being.
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins of Supernatural are the most common example of the trifecta of hotness.
by PiscisCruor September 21, 2013

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