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lose it, go crazy, switch, go nuts, went nuts and so on...
Da man went spare on dat next bligger man
by Piraveen May 29, 2004
A females vagina or vaginal opening.
See cunt,pussy,lady lips and lettuce.

Derived from a mexican taco, which has meat inside it and "hot sauce". Mexicans usually eat tacos...
Man that gal spread her legs and said, "baby, my vertical taco is getting cold, eat it quickly- lick all the sauce and add after that add the mayonnaise!.....uh uh yeah oh damn uh uh huuuhhh hhuuuuuh euhhh", and so on.
by Piraveen June 03, 2004
another way of saying penis.
"Yo dis man sucks bare piece!"
by Piraveen May 07, 2004
Dickhead, moron, asswipe, fuckshit, fuckwad, dundalinger (basically a fool)
get yo' white ass down here you sack
by Piraveen May 27, 2004

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