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Shoes designed for a cunt punt. i.e. steel toe boots, Docs.
That chick is a bitch! Guess we better put on our cunting shoes...we're gonna cunt punt tonight!
by PiratesLifeForMe_AAR April 16, 2008
When in loathing with someone or just a fit of spazmatic rage, you proceed to vomit ("up-chuck") in the offenders face followed immediately by a swift punch to the face.

Also: knuckle-chucked, knuckle-chucking
Ted was being such a d-bag yesterday that without really thinking I knuckle-chucked that punk.
by PiratesLifeForMe_AAR April 18, 2008
One who implies often and firmly.
Stop being such an implicitarian...just say it straight.
by PiratesLifeForMe_AAR April 18, 2008

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