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A person who is simultaneously a Sasquatch and a Retard. This could be accomplished by having a very tall person who has retard behavior, or by having an abnormally tall person with retardistic facial expressions.
Sarah, stop propping your chin on the rim of the basketball goal, you're slobbering all over the net....Ya freakin' Squatch-tard.
by PipTardsMan May 18, 2009
(1) a word used to describe the male penis
(2) a word to describe one who looks like a penis.
Def 1 - Gee, Sarah looks kind of bummed tonight...Why don't you go see if she would like to ride the old DICK-POLE?
Def 2 - That guy looks like a Pecker with ears! What a DICK-POLE
by piptardsman July 01, 2011
The Night Ranger guitarist who had the undesired position of filling Randy Rhoads shoes in Ozzy Osbournes band after Randy Rhoads was tragically killed.

His tademark style was outlined by use of harmonics in conjunction with the whammy bar.
Brad Gillis was Ozzy's guitar player on the 'Speak of the Devil tour'.
by piptardsman October 29, 2009
One who has mongoloid features, yet is taller than Abe Lincoln/Sasquatch(hence the squatch!!).
Did you see the Tard-face on that Mongo-squatch? She looks like the offspring of Chucky and Shaq.
by PipTardsMan May 18, 2009

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