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A method of growing weed using a screen, typically of chicken wire or something similar. It controls vegatative growth to form an even canopy of buds.
Screen of Green
by pip March 08, 2004
small willy
woody from clarksfield has a very small willy n he can't please anybody!
by pip October 09, 2003
A noozle is one who can only be described as a noozle because there is no other words to explain ones actions or being.
My god Johny your'e such a noozle
by Pip August 10, 2004
A ganja grow.
I just flipped the lights to 12/12 .. fingers crossed for 6oz!
by pip March 08, 2004
An act of foreplay, conducted during sexual intercourse, whereby one of the love makers inserts their fist into the other's rectum whilst they defecate.
Dude, we totally made a handburger and she like ate it down like a good gran'ma.
by Pip September 05, 2003
A person who doesnt give a damn about what people think and will live his/her life they way they want.
Juggalos love all the scrubs and their way of life!
by Pip May 08, 2003
Lmao + lol....adds for another variety of crappy messaging sayings!
ur a dick head sandy...!
by PiP October 30, 2004
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