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When you are about to eat pussy, you slowly go down for the alls clear at the belly button. If you can get that far and it doesn't smell bad, you can safely proceed. If there is a stench, you can slowly work yourself back up and shove your dick/or pussy back in her mouth.
I performed the sniff test on Gina and she was all roses.
by PimpD April 25, 2004
When two or more lesbians rub their pussies together.
Karen and Lindsey were bumpin kittens to hiphop music all night long.
by PimpD April 25, 2004
There are multiple definitions to this word:
1) anything that is ignnorant or asinine in nature
2) A HUGE ghetto booty, particularly appropriate when referring to ghetto booties that belong to men that make them look funny
3) Any combination of the two above.
HOLY SHIT! Tim is looking assilicious in those pants today.
by PimpD April 23, 2004

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