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1. Crazy; mentally ill; insane.
2. Really stupid.

Also, see half-past seven.
1. Kid, I'll fuckin' dig your eyes out with a spoon--I'm seven-thirty, bitch!

2. If you don't fuck that chick tonight, you're seven-thirty!
by Phroxen April 22, 2004
1. Crazy; mentally ill; insane.
2. Really stupid.
1. You hear what Joe did? He choked his girlfriend with her own tampon! That kid is half-past seven!

2. You beat me, one-on-one? Shit, you must be half-past seven!
by Phroxen April 22, 2004
1. When something is no longer "cool" or "deck". When something is very lame.

2. When a room or party contains no, or few people.
1a. Yo, you see Justin today? He's wearing those dead ass highwaters again.

1b. Dude, those pink sandals are fuckin' dead!

2. Damn, this party is dead as hell!
by Phroxen April 22, 2004
Originated in Louisville Kentucky. FLuP refers to "Far Left Pedal", or "clutch" in other words. If something is "flup", it is very clutch.. life-saving.. extraordinary.
(In a game of Flip Cup) "Slim flipped his cup before that other dude... he's fuckin' flup!"

"Chuck Norris is the most flup motherfucker on the planet."

"Thanks for taking the blame on that one... that was flup."
by Phroxen March 09, 2006

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