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Yet another addition to the never ending amount of annoying internet acronyms, 'smc' means 'suck my cock'.
<xXx_em0-pixie_xXx> ystrdy ma bf dumped me 4 some other girl he met off da intrnt an den 2day ma dad was diagnosd wit HIV an my kitty-cat Spongebob was run ova by a chav in a green Ford Fiesta an i feel so emo an suicidal about it all an i need huggles cos ma life is sooo shit :(

<the_dude> smc
by Phobophile May 14, 2005
A woman who likes to indulge in the deeply arousing act of fellatio with another woman.
I tried to get her to give me a blow job, but the cock-teasing bitch was nothing but a clamlicker!


That clamlicker has licked so many clams, her mouth smells like a goddamn fishmonger.
by Phobophile March 17, 2005
Sputnum is the name given to the uniquely over-powering stench given off by a male 'chav' or sewer rat. The actual genetic makeup is unknown but it is said to be comprised of a number of different substances, most promonent of which is human shit and urine, which both chavs and sewer dwelling rodents seem to thrive on. Other substances that give sputnum its unique smell are cider, marijuana/cigarette smoke, cheap aftershave, sweat, brake fluid, spray-paint and cooking fat.
"when that large group of chav vermin walked past us earlier it smelled like a friggin sputnum bomb had gone off."
"yeah dude, i could've sworn we were in a sewer."
by Phobophile May 14, 2005
An off-shoot of the word 'dingleberry', which refers to a dried clump of shit that stubbornly clings to the hairs on the inside of a mans ass-crack like a rock climber holding on for dear life.
After my run through the park I went home and gave my sweaty ass a good scratch. I took pleasure in picking at the alarming amount of kangleberries hanging from the hairs which surround my tight but readily accessible asshole.
by Phobophile March 17, 2005
A term used to describe someone (usually male) who is being down right pathetic and just won't shut up. The word has essentially the same meaning as 'loser', but is often seen as more offensive, as the person being branded a botter often pictures themselves being 'botted' by another member of the same sex, thus causing them to question their sexuality.
"shut the fuck up you botter, nobody gives a shit about Green Day's new album."
by Phobophile May 14, 2005
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