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Like any large city, it is hard to define Philadelphia in just one way. It has its rich neighborhoods like Society Hill and it has a lot of poor neighborhoods. Just read the history of Philadelphia and you will respect the city and realize other cities don't even come close. No, its not fancy or glitzy, but thats why I believe it is a great city. It has integrity, like the hard working people in the city. In the USA, it might be the most historically influential city. It was the first capital, and was home to the first hospital, zoo, stock exchange, public library, public grammar school, public volunteer fire department, university, bank, computer, modern sky scraper, and the list goes on. Still want to disrespect this city?

-And by the way, the only reason "The Real World" initially cancelled shooting in Philly was because of the Unions. With that worked out, it is coming back and filming this spring.
The present status of Philadelphia might not be as impressive as its history, but it can only improve from this point.
by Philarch April 14, 2004

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